Purchasing Surplus Pumps and Machinery

Many industrial businesses use pumps in manufacturing. Municipalities use pumps as well in public water lines, sewage treatment and so on. The cost of industrial pumps can eventually run very high. For this reason many choose to use surplus pumps. Buying surplus pumps and machinery can easily reduce the cost to your overall bottom line because many times you can get working and low use pumps at a great value, often saving thousands on buying the same model brand new.

Industrial surplus pump dealers pull from various sources such as plant shut downs, canceled projects, manufacturers overstock, and a long list of contacts that all sell their unsold stock or unused equipment to make space for newer inventory. Surplus pumps and industrial machinery isn’t always out-of-date or no longer functioning.

Many times surplus pumps are still in great condition. In fact surplus you may purchase from an industrial machinery dealer comes in many conditions. Be sure that a surplus dealer makes it clear what kind of condition each and every pump comes in. Surplus can be new (but without a manufacture’s warranty), unused new stock, old or no longer manufactured, used lightly, rebuilt, or pumps that were used but still have plenty of use-life remaining.

Often times purchasers may be hesitant to consider surplus pumps and machinery because there is a stigma that may lead them to think that a surplus pump is prone to break down or continual maintenance but surplus industrial machinery can often times work just as well as newly produced pumps and machinery.

When considering a surplus pump dealer you’ll want to be sure that the dealer has a far reaching background in the use of industrial pumps and knows the industry well. They should be able to keep their costs to a minimum to ensure you can get maximum value for your dollar. Ask them if they have fabrication, rebuild or repair facilities as often this is a good indication of their knowledge and expertise in the industry as well as being able to repair a pump that has seen a lot of use. Many times you can get a good deal on an older pump and have them rebuild it.

A surplus pump dealer should also have the ability to purchase new or aftermarket OEM parts, motors, etc. When contacting them ask them if they have a fax-back form for quote estimates on parts and repair. This way you know what the cost is beforehand. A good surplus dealer should always be willing to work with you on the price and like any good salesman be willing to negotiate and win your business over. Be sure they have a friendly demeanor.